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Naomie Harris’s Bond boot camp

Naomie Harris feels like she's beaten the system now she can manage a 2.5km run.

The 38-year-old star appeared in 2012's Skyfall and will be reprising her role as Eve Moneypenny in this year's hotly-anticipated Spectre. The movies are famed for being stuffed full of action, something Naomie didn't really take on board when she signed up.

"It was a lot of preparation," she laughed to British magazine Hello!, before detailing her yoga, running and circuit training regime. "And then I was three days a week on the gun range, learning to fire Walther PPKs and machine guns. I was doing stunt driving once a week - and combat training as well. It was hard work because I'm incredibly unfit. When we started I couldn't run around the block. Now I can do 2.5km and that, for me, is amazing. I feel a lot more energised now."

Luckily for the star she doesn't need to exercise to stay trim as she's naturally that way. She does now realise that working out is good for the body in other ways though, and so she's been on a health trip.

The star doesn't drink alcohol anyway - in fact she's only ever had a sip of wine and never a whole glass. But at one point she took things a little too far, revealing that a healthy-eating plan had the opposite effect on her.

"I'm obsessed with health, which has been an interesting journey. I went down the raw-food diet route, but got ill," she explained. "It was really hard, especially in Britain in the winter, trying to survive on raw carrots. I became so ill and was anaemic, so I stopped that and became a vitamin junkie. I just ate lots of vegetables, exercised and breathed."

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