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Nas album 'coming from life'

Nas vocalised "everything he had to say" in his highly anticipated upcoming album.

The hip-hop icon is preparing to debut his tenth solo studio album Life Is Good this year after being on hiatus since the release of his untitled 2008 record.

Nas put his all into these songs, as he has amassed a lot to say over four years.

"It's been a long time, it's been years since I released a solo studio album, so this record is everything," Nas told MTV News. "This is everything that I've got to say-I guess you've got to live a little and you put that in your music, so it's coming from my life."

Nas got really experimental with his production on this album and enjoyed creating new sounds with an assortment of musicians.

"A lot of the tracks have [come from ideas] where I would take an idea from one of the guys that I'm working with and try to put it together with a different sound that I had in my head, or with someone else," Nas shared. "[I] just try to get people to collaborate who are not really used to working together and to get something different from me."

Nas believes that listeners will appreciate his novel sounds.

"It's a summer album," Nas explained. "We're gonna shoot the video for The Don and get ready for the next song that's in the chamber. It ain't gon' stop. It's a whole story. [The] Don just dropped [earlier this month], so we're just letting that bubble and setting up the next one."

Nas' new album Life Is Good is slated for release in June.

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