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Nat Wolff: I'll drive you crazy!

Nat Wolff has all the qualities that make a bad driver.

The 20-year-old actor is becoming a global sensation thanks to his impressive performances on the big screen.

Two of his upcoming films, Paper Towns and Ashby, see him sitting behind a wheel on an adventure. The casting baffled Nat, who insists he shouldn't be allowed in the driver's seat.

"I was playing a character who was drunk driving in a movie [Palo Alto], and I learned to drive pretending to drunk drive. So basically it's all I had done, and I hadn't had a license until Paper Towns - this movie that's coming out - and that's also a road trip movie. I keep getting cast in these road trip movies and I'm literally the worst driver that ever existed," he laughed to Jimmy Kimmel.

"I have all the things that make a bad driver - no coordination, I don't know left from right, I space out a lot... On my driving test I literally went left when I was supposed to go right, which is unheard of, and somehow I passed."

In Ashby Nat plays high-school student Ed Wallis, who befriends his dying retired CIA agent neighbour Ashby, played by Mickey Rourke. Nat learnt a lot from the 62-year-old and jokes a lot of the great actors are "crazy", including Mickey.

Nat has also been lucky enough to act opposite Robert De Niro for their forthcoming flick, The Intern. The younger star's nerves were eased when the film icon played a prank on set.

"I was chewing a piece of gum and the first thing he said to me was, 'What are you gonna do with that gum?' And I was like, 'Er, I don't know, I was thinking of spitting it out before the take.' He goes, 'You know what we used to do when I was a kid? Used to put it under the table,'" Nat recalled. "And so I just took it out and put it under the table and he goes, 'I can't believe you just did that - that's a set! This kid just put his gum on the set!'"

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