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Natalie Portman is 'filthy rapper'

Natalie Portman loves a "filthy rap", says Andy Samberg.

The comedian is famed for performing joke rap verses, such as his tongue-in-cheek group The Lonely Island's song Lazy Sunday. Natalie shocked many of her fans when she performed a hardcore rap alongside The Lonely Island in 2006 and Andy was initially sceptical when Natalie asked to be involved.

"It was all her idea. She loves filthy rap," he laughed to Playboy.

"She saw Lazy Sunday, and when she came to host SNL, she said, 'I really want to do one of those raps.' We were sceptical because... she seems so sweet and innocent. And then she broke into some Lil' Kim song and started rapping verses for us, the filthiest lines I've ever heard. We were completely taken aback."

Andy has announced he won't be returning to US sketch show Saturday Night Live. He has some brilliant memories of his stint there and particularly loved smooching Scarlett Johansson.

"It was funny and gross," he recalled. "It was that scene where I play Kuato, the head from Total Recall that's coming out of Bill Hader's stomach, and she's the female Kuato in Maya Rudolph's stomach. It wasn't so much a kiss as licking each other's tongues. It was a kiss the audience definitely didn't want to see happen."

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