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Natasha Lyonne: I played down Emmy nom

Natasha Lyonne felt very "Ocean's Eleven" when she hid her excitement about being nominated for an Emmy.

The 35-year-old actress' role as Nicky Nichols in hit Netflix show Orange is the New Black has earned her a nod for the guest actress in a comedy series award at this year's ceremony, which takes place on August 25.

She first learned of the news while boarding a plane, but didn't want to let on to those around her how excited and thrilled she felt. Her co-star Taylor Schilling, who plays lead Piper Chapman, is also up for an award, in the running for lead actress in a comedy.

"My manager calls me and says, 'Hey, you just got nominated for an Emmy.' And I’m like, 'Thanks a lot, Dave. That’s really nice of you.' It was clear to me that he was just ridiculing me for reasons unknown, at a very early hour. I genuinely didn’t believe it," Natasha recalled to Deadline.

"I’m shuffling on the phone with my dog into seat 27C. I’ve got Taylor [Schilling] on the phone, and then it was real - they started saying, 'Now we have to do interviews.' I just have to make sure nobody can overhear what I’m saying because I’m trying to play it cool. I was essentially committing a crime. I was very Ocean’s Eleven."

Natasha has previously spoken about how she is able to relate to her onscreen alter ego's troubles, with both undergoing open heart surgery and suffering from addiction in the past. Her relationship with Nicky is so intense that she finds it hard to let the troubles go when filming has finished.

"That’s part of the challenge for me in playing her; it’s so deeply personal that I don’t even know how to get it out of my system. I know so much of how she’s feeling and I’m often scared that I’m not going be able to articulate it properly," Natasha added.

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