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Nate Ruess on love lessons

Nate Ruess describes the positive people in his life as the "catalyst" for his solo album.

The 33-year-old singer fronted band The Format for seven years until 2008, when he formed better known group fun. with Jack Antonoff and Andrew Dost.

They're taking a break at the moment, which has given Nate time to record his debut solo album Grand Romantic. He's already released lead single Nothing Without Love and cites the bond with his girlfriend, fashion designer Charlotte Ronson, as part of his inspiration for the venture.

"I caught myself in a great head space. My current relationship feels like it's not letting up; it clicks, and I'm learning so much. But to me, love means all the people around you," he told Billboard magazine. "It wasn't necessarily about one relationship. I'm very thankful for the people I have in my life, and I think that was a big catalyst. The whole Grand Romantic theme is a return to being that kid who could cry, because I hadn't been that person in a long time."

The record is out later this month and also references previous negative relationships.

Another subject present throughout is religion, which Nate didn't realise was clear until listening back afterwards. It isn't something he dwells on, but the star does occasionally ponder whether there's a higher power.

"I've never gotten further than thinking, 'What would it be like to die?,' which probably everybody has thought at some point in life," he shrugged.

Nate gets even deeper for his track AhHa. He documents his struggle with depression and admits he "shut down" and was close to giving up after some tough experiences.

Luckily those feelings subsided and he is thankful he feels better than ever.

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