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Nathan Sykes: I’ve bonded with 1D’s Styles

The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes assures he has no hard feelings against One Direction singer Harry Styles.

Before they split for good last year, Nathan’s boy band The Wanted engaged in somewhat of a feud with rival pop group One Direction.

But Nathan has no hard feelings towards Harry and the pair have even linked up for a drink in Los Angeles to bury the hatchet.

“I was out with Harry in LA recently. We were both a bit merry, but we had one hell of an embrace,” he told UK newspaper The Mirror. “I never had a problem with any of the 1D boys and never got involved with the Twitter fights, it wasn’t me. I think sometimes you can be a victim of hatred through association. I was like, ‘I didn’t say anything!’”

Nathan, 21, is currently working on his solo album.

And he has a feeling One Direction are all ready to go their separate ways too.

“I think their last album sounded brilliant. But when you’re a percentage of a group, you’ve also just got to give yourself some time where you can be 100 per cent for yourself,” Nathan noted. “You’ve got to do the stuff that you always wanted to do and have fun with it, rather than be 20 per cent of a boyband.”

The Wanted experienced a lot of infighting before their breakup.

Nathan thinks it’s a shame he and his former bandmate Max George are so estranged, and he can’t see himself performing with the group anytime in the near future.

“Maybe he’d had a couple too many shandies and that’s why he forgot I was ever in the band. It’s a shame that he forgot,” Nathan said of Max.

“I’m sure they’ll do some more, but I’m personally very focused on this [solo album] at the moment so it won’t be for me.”

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