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Wednesday 16 April 2014

NCIS's Harmon gets Hollywood star

Mark Harmon said to was honoured to get a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame

NCIS star Mark Harmon was proud and humbled as he received his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

The 61-year-old actor thanked fans and his co-stars as he accepted the honour, which coincides with the tenth anniversary of the hit CBS crime show.

Mark joked in his speech: "When I first arrived here this morning there was a guy asleep on Howard Hawks and there was a guy asleep on Tom Mix. So it did come to my mind that perhaps in future years this might be an appropriate place for me to lay my sleeping bag!"

The Chicago Hope star was introduced by President and CEO of CBS Corporation, Leslie Moonves.

Mark said he was honoured to receive the star, but felt he shared it with the rest of the team on NCIS and everyone else he had worked with over the years.

He said: "I'm really fortunate to get up every morning and go do a job I love going to. I like being an actor.

"This is a long way from where I started. If this means anything to me it represents longevity, but when I look at that I see many more names than my own. And that's the way I feel about this honour, that's the way I feel about this business, it's pretty much the way I feel about life."

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