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Neeson: I've wanted to act since childhood

Liam Neeson can still remember his first ever part in a school play.

The star has amassed fans all over the world thanks to parts in the Taken franchise and Christmas classic Love Actually.

He can still remember when he first realised this could be the career for him.

"It was a character called Bartley in John Millington Synge's Riders to the Sea," he explained to Empire magazine when asked about his first role in a school play.

"I think I was maybe 12. That was when the bug started to burrow itself into me."

Taken 3 is out in most cinemas now and is the final instalment in the franchise. Fans still can't get enough of the flicks and Liam revealed the movie top that sucks him in every time.

"Spielberg's Jaws," he confessed. "Even though I know the shark's f**king rubber and they had terrible trouble with it and I know umpteen stories that Steven has told me, it still takes me in.

"Robert Shaw's speech at the end is beautiful. Screen acting does not get any better than that speech."

Next up for the 62-year-old is Ted 2, the follow up to Seth MacFarlane's hugely popular 2012 movie about a talking teddy bear.

Liam is also hoping to be part of the second Lego movie, where he wants to reprise the role of split personality character Bad Cop / Good Cop.

"Oh yeah, sure I'd love to do it," he recently smiled to MTV. "I know the guys are working on Lego two, and I saw them a few weeks ago and I said 'Is Good Cop / Bad Cop coming back?' They went, 'Oh yeah, yeah he's coming back' so I said 'Ah OK, great'.

"[A] spinoff I don't know, but I'm glad they're doing a Batman spinoff, that was outrageously funny."

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