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Neil Patrick Harris encourage kids’ creativity

Neil Patrick Harris enjoys bringing his kids to work with him.

The American actor and his fiancé David Burtka have fraternal twins Gideon Scott and Harper Grace from a surrogate mother.

Neil is best known for his role on sitcom How I Met Your Mother but the 40-year-old star has also been involved in several stage shows.

When working in the theatre Neil likes to bring his three-year-old kids to work with him to give them hands on experience, especially when it comes to the extravagant costumes.

"They love to run around and dance and they're encouraged to dress up in princess outfits and stuff," he told People. "But they're also young, so they run up and down aisles and think that's as equally as amusing."

He also believes this involvement helps the tots realise what their father does for a living. A particular moment which stands out for him was during one of the Tony Awards on Broadway, which he hosted in 2009, 2011, 2012 and earlier this year.

"I don't have any reason to tell them what we do for a living," he added. "They've come to set. They know the crew. They got to come to the Tony rehearsals and watch the Cinderella dancers with all of their finest gownery and do their dancing, which was cool."

Neil is set to host the 2013 Emmy Awards on Sunday. He's excited about being on stage again and welcomes the chance to be himself rather than taking on a role for the occasion.

"I've found myself in lots of hosting opportunities and they're fun," he mused. "I've acted for decades, so I'm accustomed to the memorisation of the dialogue and playing a character, but it's also fun to be myself and I've had some remarkably fun chapters."

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