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Neil Patrick Harris: Nick Jonas is my crush

Neil Patrick Harris didn’t want to make a big statement with his marriage to David Burtka.

The former How I Met Your Mother actor is happily married to David Burtka and together they have two children. But that doesn’t mean the 42-year-old can’t show some appreciation for other hot men, and the Jealous singer is top of his list.

“David knows it so I guess it’s not a bad thing to say… Nick Jonas,” he confessed during an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show. “I mean he was good looking before it was allowed to think he was good looking. Which was a bit of a problem, you had to wait until he turned 19 or 20 years old.”

Despite his crush on the singer, Neil couldn’t be happier with his husband. The couple recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary, after tying the knot in an intimate Italian ceremony last year. When Wendy showed the picture he had used on social media to toast the occasion, Neil opened up about their special day.

“We had a reception, dancing at the end and we [danced] to Katy Perry’s Firework at the end,” he said. “We had fireworks go off and no one knew and they were timed to the music which, we were in this tiny little town in Italy and it wasn’t a big place where you would think something like that would happen, and they were going off perfectly timed. That’s us and our happy reaction to them.”

Neil and David have been together since 2004, and despite it taking ten years for them to be able to tie the knot, the pair didn’t want to make a big deal about it in public.

“For a small window gay marriage was legal in California but it was such a big deal, when I saw people going to the court house, there were photographers and it seemed like a big statement,” he explained. “We were in no rush to do it, and so then I wanted that to sort of pass away and then we could go and not have it be such a big statement.”

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