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Neil Patrick Harris' Twitter traits

Neil Patrick Harris enjoys being able to tell fans things "straight away" via Twitter.

The 40-year-old actor is a much-loved user of the social networking site, with over 8.5 million followers. While he loves to keep fans up to date with his antics, Neil admits he isn't as open as he'd like to be anymore.

"When Twitter was a smaller scale, I was freer to criticise the service I was getting at a restaurant or to talk about how much I did or didn't like a TV show," he mused to British newspaper Metro. "But with that many followers you have to be more political about it. Thankfully, I control my own Twitter. I don't have someone writing tweets for me - I do like the fact I can just say something straight away, as opposed to needing to go through a publicist."

Neil and his partner David Burtka announced their engagement via Twitter in 2011 following the passage of the Marriage Equality Act in New York. Together they raise three-year-old twins Gideon and Harper and the How I Met Your Mother star makes time for his little ones amid his busy work schedule.

"They're still on the younger side so it's more about quality time right now than it is number of hours during the day," Neil explained. "David takes them to the park and we try to get to have dinner with them. They also have gymnastics, football and art class. Thankfully, I'm not the largest part of their day. They're like sponges so they're taking lots in."

Neil remains a child at heart with his love of magic. He recalled when he first got into the practise and how he used to splash out on gear.

"There was a magic store in a town a couple of hours away from where I grew up. So rather than save my money for baseball cards or stamps or coins, I'd save up and go buy a card trick or a small little illusion," he reminisced.

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