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Nelly Furtado's daughter is 'polite' fan

Nelly Furtado's daughter loves her music - but the star fears she's just being "polite".

The musician has eight-year-old daughter Nevis and loves being a mother. She is currently promoting her new record The Spirit Indestructible but isn't sure how much Nevis approves of it.

"Maybe just to be polite, just to be in my good books," Nelly laughed, when asked if her daughter enjoys her music. "She's eight and humble and chilled out. I try to keep things pretty simple at home.

"I was instant ham - like, 'Ta da!' - but she's not really like that. But if she wants to [get into music] I'll give her some great advice."

The 33-year-old star is still amazed by the effect parenthood has had on her. As soon as she gave birth to Nevis she felt different.

"It did change me, I started thinking a lot more seriously. You just feel like you're part of this new tribe," she told UK TV show Loose Women.

Nelly enjoys going through different experiences in life as they help her write songs. Every track she pens is based on things she's gone through, with her new record taking a look back at her teenage years.

"I wrote this diary on this one vacation to Portugal when I was 16. I think I spent the whole summer chasing this boy," she laughed.

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