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Nelly: Taylor Swift and my grandmother are so similar

Nelly can’t imagine why anyone would have ill feelings toward Taylor Swift.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Nelly has compared Taylor Swift to his grandmother, as in essence he believes it’s impossible to hate both of these people.

In September (15) the 40-year-old rapper teamed up with the pop songstress and her support band HAIM onstage during a stop in St. Louis, Missouri as part of The 1989 World Tour.

The entertainers performed his hit song Hot In Herre during the surprise performance and Nelly is happy to support Taylor with pretty much every endeavour she undertakes.

“She's just a dope person,” he gushed to Rolling Stone magazine. “She ain't got no ill wills or nothing like that, and that's kind of hard when you come from where we come from. You rarely come across those type of people. It's kind of like, Taylor Swift and my granny. Who doesn't love both of those people?”

Nelly has known Taylor for several years now.

He met her through a mutual friend and the pair have had a pretty tight relationship ever since.

“Robert, a guy that she works with, is a real cool friend of mine,” Nelly said of how he was first introduced to Taylor. “We've done a lot of work together, over the past years, with like NSYNC and things like that. That's my man. And then I met Taylor and her father and her mother, and they're just some cool people. She's like a little sister, man, she straight. I've been knowing her ever since she's been on. She calls me whenever, it don't matter, I'll knock it out for her.”

Nelly loved the experience of being a guest at Taylor’s concert.

But the rapper does confess working with the Bad Blood songstress and HAIM made him very aware of his age.

“When I went in earlier that day, when we talked and she was like, ‘Me and the girls were up all night choreographing this. We did our own choreography, we're going to kill this, Nelly’,” he laughed. “Yeah, yeah, it was hilarious. I loved it, man. And the girls, Haim, they're just as energetic. It made me feel . . . just a tad bit old. They were like, ‘I can't believe we're gonna rock out with Nelly. I cannot believe it.’”

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