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Neon Jungle’s Idris Elba let-down

Idris Elba wouldn’t take a picture with one of Neon Jungle, much to her dismay.

The British girlband’s star is on the rise, helped along by them performing at last year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Shereen Cutkelvin, Amira McCarthy, Jess Plummer and Asami Zdrenka have found themselves invited to many A-list bashes over the last year, but not all the celebrities have impressed them.

“Idris Elba shattered my dreams,” Amira moaned to British magazine Heat. “He’s so hot, but we met him at an event and he didn’t want to take pictures. He didn’t want to say hi and he didn’t want to make eye contact with us.”

Jess added: “He was with his wife and I’d gone up to him beforehand. I think when Amira came over, he’d just had enough by then. So I can empathise with him a bit.”

“But he was at a public event, he should’ve expected it!” Asami interjected.

The girls have also got to know Taylor Swift, who they love, and they are good friends with The Vamps. Model Cara Delevingne is also on their radar, although Amira’s had an embarrassing moment with her.

“I accidentally FaceTimed Cara once and she picked up. It was really awkward! I was at the house and was just fiddling with my phone, then I heard it ringing and it was connecting, and I saw her face and hung up in a panic. Then I texted her and said, ‘I don’t know what just happened… sorry,’” she laughed.

Mortifying things don’t just happen to Amira. Shereen still can’t get over how much she disgraced herself when she met a certain US star who’s known for his toned physique.

“I went to Jason Derulo’s dressing room once and he had his top off, I got caught off guard and told him that I liked his body by mistake – so I ran off!” she laughed.

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