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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Neve Campbell: I wanted unique name for son

Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell wanted to give her son a unique name because she appreciates her own so much.

The 39-year-old Scream star is the proud mom of five-month-old Caspian.

Neve and her partner, actor JJ Field, spent months leading up to the birth of the baby boy trying to find the perfect name to call him.

"We looked through a lot of books and I liked the idea of a unique name," the actress said on US daytime chat show The Talk.

"I like having a unique name - it's [my mom's] maiden name, Neve - and not a lot of people have it. It's nice having something special and different and so I wanted something like that for our son," she said.

The actress had narrowed down the selection to a list of five picks with JJ.

The couple wanted to wait until the baby was born to give him a moniker. And the choice was clear as soon as they saw him.

"When he was born we realised we could only remember one and that was Caspian, so it seemed like it was right," she said.

Caspian is Neve's first child.

The actress confirmed her pregnancy to People magazine back in March after pictures emerged of her with a noticeable baby bump.

The Canadian actress has been married twice. She tied the knot with Jeff Colt in 1995 but they divorced three years later. Her three-year marriage to British actor John Light ended in 2010.

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