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Sunday 20 April 2014

Ne-Yo jokes about ego


Ne-Yo has joked that his face is embroidered on drapes at his house.

The American music star was being quizzed on whether he has an inflated ego after enjoying such success. Ne-Yo laughed off the questions, claiming he has let fame go to his head by splashing out on lavish items for his mansion.

"I have my face embroidered on all my drapes... And I went a step further than the race car bed, I have an actual race car in my bedroom. It is kind of hard to get to sleep because it's so loud and my neighbours complain," he quipped to BBC Radio 1. "You know that picture where Adam and God have their fingers touching? I have a painting like that with me in it... It is a very humble painting.

"Ninety per cent of my house is mirrors, too."

It was recently reported that the R&B star had splashed out $500,000 on a mansion in Georgia.

However, Ne-Yo has now revealed the property actually belongs to his mother.

"That's not my house, man. They got it wrong, that is my mom's new house. You will never see pictures of my house, but it is pretty cool," he explained.

Ne-Yo was spotted partying with Rihanna, Rita Ora and racing driver Lewis Hamilton after the Wireless music festival in London at the weekend.

The star has been working with Rihanna on new material and is impressed by both her work ethic and ability to party.

"It's not possible," he replied when asked how he keeps up with Rihanna during a night out. "Rihanna does not sleep. She is working on a new album at the moment."

"All 40 records [in the charts] need to be Rihanna records," he jokingly added.

Ne-Yo also revealed he is a fan of Jay-Z's latest protégé.

"Rita Ora is pretty cute, she is a cutie. I have met her before, but I don't know her like that," he explained when asked if he finds the singer attractive.

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