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Nicholas Hoult: I need to stay in a natural, human world

Nicholas Hoult is relieved he is still able to live a normal life and visit the pub, despite his successful film career.

Actor Nicholas Hoult would struggle to continue with his career if he couldn’t be normal.

The British star has lined up alongside his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence in the X-Men film series, zombie comedy Warm Bodies and designer Tom Ford's directorial debut A Single Man, but despite his increasing profile, and on-off relationship with Lawrence, he has been able to maintain an air of anonymity, much to his relief.

“I live in London and can get on the Tube (underground) and no one will blink an eye,” he told Britain’s The Independent newspaper. “I'm very fortunate like that but I know people whose life has become completely uncontrollable and unbearable. I can still go to a pub and have a pint and meander around, and I really need that.

“Once you lose that, it can be very difficult to interpret things in a natural, human way as you're not really part of a natural, human world anymore.”

Nicholas first rose to fame as a child star appearing opposite Hugh Grant in About a Boy, and while some child actors struggle to adjust, the star managed to avoid the pitfalls of early celebrity and stay grounded.

“I feel that I am really very, very lucky,” he added. “Occasionally I sit back and realise that I've travelled to places where most people have never been and met inspiring, exceptional people that I can learn from.

“And it was different for me than it is for some American child actors who are taken out of school and live in this weird vacuum that is another world. I stayed in school and would go back to being a normal kid after work, which is invaluable.”

But like most actors, Nicholas does have some things that annoy him about being out and about in public.

“The only thing that bugs me is when people pretend that they're not taking a photo of you,” he added. “It's like, 'Mate, just ask for a photo - that's completely cool but I can see exactly what you're doing'.”

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