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Nicholas Hoult: I'm the king of knitting

Nicholas Hoult is so good at knitting, he doesn't even have to look at what he's doing anymore.

The British stars appear alongside one another in action epic Mad Max: Fury Road, in which Nicholas plays the crazy Nux and Tom takes on the title character.

In contrast to the wild action scenes, Nicholas spent a lot of time on set taking on a much calmer activity.

"I'd often go to yoga and - you'll laugh - Charlize Theron taught me how to knit. So there was a lot of variety. There are even a few photos of me in leather pants and war paint, knitting. I'd get really mad if I lost my place..." he laughed to German magazine Jolie.

"These days, I don't even have to look down anymore. By the end of the year I'd made some knitted Christmas presents. And: I was much better than Tom Hardy."

The 25-year-old got his big break in About a Boy and went on to star on UK TV show Skins. Despite roles in huge blockbusters and a previous relationship with Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas remains down to earth.

"Work is an exception, a film set has nothing to do with real life," he explained. "Here, everyone treats you strangely because you're an actor and therefore important. So I don't lose my sense of reality, I try to experience every moment of real life. That's how I can keep collecting ideas. Without that break, I wouldn't be able to act."

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