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Nick Cannon: New diet isn't tasty

Nick Cannon is thrilled to be eating special tortilla chips - even though they taste like "baseball cards".

The American star is still recovering after suffering mild kidney failure over the holidays. He is now feeling much better, but is on a special diet to give his body time to get back to full health.

There are certain foods he's not allowed to eat, so Nick has started to look for substitutes.

"I just got some no salt 0% sodium tortilla chips from Whole foods! I'm in Heaven! #RenalDiet," he wrote on Twitter.

"They taste like old baseball cards but at least I get to eat tortilla chips! LOL (sic)."

The 31-year-old then told his fans of his excitement after discovering another tasty treat he is allowed to feast on.

"Guess what else has no sodium?... SWEETARTS! Hell yeah (sic)!" he wrote.

In 2010, Nick had a highly publicised Twitter feud with talk show host Chelsea Lately after she poked fun at Nick's wife Mariah Carey.

He and Chelsea eventually made up when she rang in to his radio show, but it seems the argument has been reignited.

Nick has once again used the social networking website to slam Chelsea for being rude about his spouse, although it seems his recent illness has made him a bit more philosophical.

"I hear is out there talking sh*t about my wife again! She's lucky I'm trying to live right now! Jesus my cup runneth over," he wrote.

"I think @ChelseaHandler is still bitter that she got blasted on my radio show! It's okay I still love you!

"When miserable people see happiness they must attack it (sic)."

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