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Nick Gordon 'fighting wrongful death lawsuit'

Nick Gordon's lawyers are allegedly arguing he cannot defend himself correctly if civil and criminal charges are brought against him simultaneously, so have reportedly asked for the civil lawsuit to be dropped.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Nick Gordon is reportedly gearing up to fight the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Bobbi Kristina Brown's estate administrator Bedelia C. Hargrove, which could see him face criminal murder charges.

The daughter of musicians Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown was found face down in a bathtub in January (15) and remained in a comatose state until she tragically passed away aged 22 on 26 July 2015.

In June (15), Hargrove filed a $10 million civil lawsuit against Gordon, accusing him of providing Bobbi with drugs and submerging her head in the bathtub on the night she went into a coma.

Now Us Weekly reports Gordon is asking the court for a stay of civil proceedings. This comes after news on Tuesday (06Oct15) that claims the district attorney in Georgia has convened a secret grand jury that intends to bring criminal charges against Gordon, accusing him of being responsible for the death of his girlfriend.

Us Weekly alleges to have obtained court documents in which Gordon's legal team claims: “as a result of Bobbi Kristin Brown’s parentage, her death, and the subsequent criminal investigation has garnered national and international media attention adverse to Mr. Gordon... Mr. Gordon will be unfairly, legally, and financially prejudiced should he be subject to parallel criminal and civil proceedings.”

It's alleged they also worry claims made by Gordon in the civil case could impact the criminal investigation. They then picked up on some of the specifics in Hargrove's claims.

The filing reportedly argues her lawsuit alleges that: “Mr. Gordon is a murderer, a habitual batterer of women, a seducer of young white females, a thief and/or con-man fuelled by monetary gain, and a chemist capable of making a toxic cocktail,” and that “these allegations within this suit, while lacking any supporting facts whatsoever, are designed to appeal emotionally and with racial animus against Mr. Gordon.”

In conclusion, they reportedly feel he has been put in a situation where he cannot defend himself, as the same people filed both the civil and criminal lawsuits.

"He simply cannot defend both simultaneously as refusal to incriminate himself," the filing allegedly sums up.

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