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Nick Jonas: Fans pass gas

Nick Jonas has joked about fans farting on him in the future in light of someone passing gas on Demi Lovato at a recent meet and greet.

The songstress experienced the flatulent moment at a recent meet and greet, tweeting to her followers on September 14: “Just finished a meet and greet. Someone legitimately got nervous and farted on me. I guess there's a first time for everything.. Right? ??”

And when asked if he was aware of Demi’s fan fart, Nick replied with humour.

“I heard about that,” he told MTV News. “I was going to write her and ask her what happened because that’s probably the best news story I’ve heard about Demi in a long time. Just the fact that that’s news is unbelievable to me.”

Should a similar situation come up for Nick in the future he is not adverse to experiencing it.

The star joked being farted upon might actually be some kind of honour.

“I can honestly say that getting farted on is, like, is a privilege that I’ve not had with a fan,” he laughed. “Maybe someday down the road I’ll get to that point.”

Nick is currently promoting his new solo single Jealous. The song was released on Tuesday September 16, which is also his 22nd birthday.

Nick admits he and producers went all out while creating the music video for Jealousy.

The star wanted to blow fans’ minds with the vivid imagery, which in one scene sees Nick’s girlfriend Olivia Culpo playing a cello in a heavenly setting while donning sexy lingerie.

“She’s a lot of fun, she’s a cellist and she played cello in the clouds in this video, which is pretty incredible scenery. In lingerie, so, why not?” he mused previously. “It is a little out there.”

Nick’s self-titled solo album is due for release November 11.

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