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Nick Jonas: I’m digging so deep right now

Nick Jonas has confirmed his third solo album will be available to fans by Spring 2016.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Nick Jonas is “digging deep” with new modes of creative expression at the moment.

The 23-year-old singer-and-actor has a number of projects on the go currently, as he is promoting his new TV series Scream Queens as well as his forthcoming third studio album.

He released track Levels in August (15) as part of his upcoming music offering, a song that represents the creative depths the star is attempting to plumb right now.

“Levels is a good introduction to the next step,” Nick told Entertainment Weekly. “I think [the album will] go even a bit further with some more soul and R&B sounds, even hip hop influences in there. I’m really just digging deep.”

It seems the entire Jonas family is looking to expand in new ways, as his brother Joe just released a fresh song called Cake By the Ocean with his pop-rock band DNCE.

Nick thinks his sibling Joe will “really kill it” on the music scene with DNCE and he insists there is no rivalry between them, even though their original family group the Jonas Brothers disbanded in 2013.

“As far as collaborations, I’m not sure,” Nick said when asked if a Jonas Brothers reunion is in the works. “It’s important for both of us to support each other and be excited for each other, but give each other that space as well to do our own thing. We’re both conscious of that. We want [to] win together, even if it’s doing different projects.”

Nick is most focused on his solo efforts when it comes to music at this time.

And much to the delight of his fans, his third studio album will be available by 2016.

“We have not picked a date officially yet, but we have a sense,” Nick confirmed. “It’s going to be at some point early next year, so probably the end of February or early March.”

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