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Nick Jonas: My defining year

Nick Jonas thinks his new sexy adult image “came pretty naturally” over the last few years.

The 22-year-old singer started his career in boy band The Jonas Brothers, but this year has seen him strip down for raunchy photo shoots and discuss his sexuality. And he’s admitted he’s happy with the progression of his public perception.

“I feel really good about it all,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “I feel like it came pretty naturally over the course of three or four years. Over those years, I wasn’t as predominantly in the public eye as I am at this moment, which was by choice in a lot of ways. Just taking time for me to grow and figure out who I am as an artist and a performer and a writer. Taking time and coming to a place where I’m comfortable, and ready for this next step. It’s been pretty insane to be bold like that and try to push myself.”

Having started his singing life in a band that catered for a much younger demographic, he’s glad he’s moved forwards. Nick explained the steps were in fact “planned”, in order to take his career to the next level.

“It really does feel like a pretty defining year for me. It’s crazy—it feels like all the steps that were taken were kind of planned over a couple months, and then each one started to hit,” he told the outlet.

“It’s just incredible to watch the rollout, and more than anything to see some opinions change and a better idea of who I am come to the surface. I think, when you transition into a new phase of your career, there’s always sort of an education that has to happen for the public, to be aware of who you are now and what’s important to you. That was the mission, going about this next phase.”

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