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Nick Lachey: Son is a drama queen

Nick Lachey's son has taken after his mother in his ability to be dramatic.

The singer and his wife Vanessa welcomed baby Camden into the world last September.

Nick is relishing fatherhood and has noticed his little boy taking after his mother in one department already.

"I'm convinced he said 'dada' for the first time on Father's Day. I have witnesses. It happened," he told MTV News. "The kid is smart. He saved it for the big moment. He's got a flair for the dramatic. He takes after his mom."

Camden's parents have passed down their love of music to him. Nick recorded an entire album called A Father's Lullaby, which he released back in March, in honor of his first born. The 98 Degrees member joked that Camden has already picked out his favourite lullaby from his dad's record.

"He gets the live version. Music's a big thing in our house. Both Vanessa and I are big music lovers. Singing to him is a big thing. I wake him up every morning [and] sing to him. I put him down for naps [and] sing to him. She puts him down at night and sings to him. We all have our own special song that we share to him," he smiled.

"There's one that I used to hum before he was even born and it's called Sleepy Eyes and it's one on the record. And that's the one I sing to him every night when I put him down [to sleep]. So at least in my mind, it's his favorite."

Nick might have mastered fatherhood but he draws the line at giving out parenting advice to others. He explained having kids is a unique experience.

"The best advice I got, as far as getting advice, is don't give advice. Every parent is different. Every child is different and kind of the fun of the whole thing is figuring out what the heck works with your kid. You figure it out 'cause you have to," he said. "I think parenting is the most incredible experience I've ever been through. It'll change your life."

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