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Nick Loeb: Embryo situation is unethical

Nick Loeb has opened up about his battle over frozen embryos with his ex-fiancée Sofía Vergara.

The 42-year-old actress was engaged to businessman Nick before their split in May last year and she has now moved on with Joe Manganiello.

When they were together Sofía and Nick created frozen embryos in a bid to become parents. They are currently embroiled in a legal battle as Nick wants to implant them in a surrogate, but Sofía does not. He appeared on US TV this morning to talk about the lawsuit.

"I have tremendous respect for Sofía, she's very successful, she's very smart. We filed this back in October, this is not something that is new. This has to do with moral, legal, ethical concepts that are out there about lives we have already created and nothing to do with anything else," he said on the Today show.

Nick had been asked about the timing of things, as Sofía is currently promoting her new film Hot Pursuit and planning her wedding to Joe.

The businessman also insisted that he would be doing the same thing no matter who his ex is, adding that Sofía's fame is inconsequential.

"It has nothing to do with her baby or a baby, lives were already created," he insisted. "A lot of the questions are why don't you move on and meet somebody else and no doubt I would love to do that but doesn't it matter that two lives have already been created? I wouldn't just toss them aside no different than a child that had been born."

Asked if he would therefore be happy for Sofía to use the embryos to have children with Joe, Nick claims he wouldn't mind. He suggests that would be no different to one of their failed surrogacy attempts having worked, as it would mean they would share custody - just as would have happened if they had children before their separation.

He also touched on a recent piece he wrote for the New York Times, in which he attempted to explain his position. In it, Nick explained it is his view that keeping the female embryos frozen forever is "tantamount to killing them".

"I didn't even come out with the story to begin with, it was leaked to the press," he added. "There was comments made by her team in the press and I felt like I needed to come out and correct the record. I submitted the op-ed to the New York Times a week before it even went out."

Sofía was interviewed by Howard Stern on his radio show earlier this week, in which she expressed her disbelief at the legal wranglings.

"More than a mother, [a baby] needs a loving relationship of parents that get along, that don’t hate each other," she said. "I don't hate him but obviously he has a problem with me."

The star is adamant her ex won't be able to use the embryos to become a father because they signed paperwork which stated they both have to agree on what happens to them. Sofía doesn't understand how Nick thinks this can be changed.

"Fortunately or unfortunately, there is law. You signed legal papers. If it was serious for him, this issue - which I totally respect is for someone - he should have taken it more seriously. There is a contract," she said.

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