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Nicki Minaj: My dressing room is palace

Nicki Minaj's dressing room resembles "something out of Aladdin."

The pop star is currently on the US leg of her Roman Reloaded concert tour.

Before she hits the stage, Nicki likes to be surrounded by bright, eclectic objects.

"[My dressing room] looks like something out of Aladdin," she told People magazine. "Pink flowers and candles, white rugs, couches covered in pink satin."

Nicki's wardrobe is as eccentric as her backstage quarters.

"In the first act, I have three layers of clothes on. Then I just strip down as I go. [I have] about 100 [wigs]," she shared.

The rapper interacts with the crowd by showering them with enigmatic liquid.

"I have a big, colourful gun that I spray [the audience] with," she said. "I don't tell anyone what I'm spraying. It's a mystery!"

After she wraps up every performance, Nicki performs a personal ritual.

"I eat olives with a towel on!" she revealed.

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