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Nicki Minaj 'not fit for children'

Nicki Minaj imagines her spirit animal to be a "saber-toothed tiger".

The Roman Reloaded star voices wooly mammoth character Steffie in animated family comedy Ice Age: Continental.

Nicki, who is known for her fierce and innovative lyrics, can easily visualise herself as a prehistoric animal.

"Maybe a saber-toothed tiger [would be my spirit animal]-they're strong, they're fast, and they're dope to look at," she told Entertainment Weekly.

Nicki enjoyed working with co-star Drake, who voices handsome wooly mammoth Ethan in the picture.

She believes Drake imbued his animated persona with some of his real life charm.

"I mean, it helps that I don't hate him in real life. But when I saw the movie, I texted him as soon as I was out: 'You know what, you really look cute in this movie. You come across as really, really suave!' He just laughed," she recalled. "He actually saw it a few days [before me], and he texted me, 'You kept it so hood in this movie!' "

Nicki doesn't think she is very similar to her cuddly character.

"Steffie has a lot in common with maybe one of my alter egos, but definitely not with me as a person," she said. "And definitely not Roman. He's not fit for children."

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