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Nicole Kidman explains personal pain

Nicole Kidman says some of her great career moments have “collided” with her “personal pain”.

The star won a best actress Academy Award for her role in The Hours in 2003. She went on to receive the accolade after being left heartbroken by the end of her marriage to Tom Cruise.

“I think a lot of times in life your greatest moments can sometimes collide with some of your most painful moments, and particularly in my life that is what has happened,” she said in an interview with the BBC. “So some of my great career moments have collided with my own personal pain, you are thrilled with what’s happening professionally and then at the time same everything is falling apart in your personal life, which is how it is. That is in my career, anyway.”

Nicole has since found happiness again with country music star Keith Urban. The stars married in 2006 and have two daughters together. The 45-year-old star revealed she has made a conscious effort to step out of the spotlight and is enjoying more privacy as a result.

“Not now!” she laughed when asked how it felt to live under constant scrutiny. “Yes [I did find it too much], which was very much a part of my desire as well. I suppose I realised how alone I was and I wanted to find a life, a real life, a family.”

Nicole is currently promoting her new movie, the gothic thriller Stoker. The star – who also has two adopted children with Tom - revealed her loved ones encouraged her to keep working while raising her children.

“My mum actually said, ‘You don’t want to give up your whole career, you should keep a toe in the water. You will appreciate that when you are older.’ And she has usually been right so I had to push myself,” she explained. “My husband said it too, ‘You should still work and cultivate that because that’s so much a part of you.’”

Despite being one of the most famous women in Hollywood, Nicole claims she is an introverted person. The redhead makes every effort to step out of her comfort zone and feels she is more confident than she used to be.

“I’m less shy now. Ultimately I am shy, but I am working on that,” she added. “A work in progress, that’s me! I used to be awkwardly shy, where I would just avoid things. Like if there was a party and I was invited and I really wanted to go, but I could never go by myself. I could never walk into a room by myself.”

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