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Nicole Kidman: I'm so emotional

Nicole Kidman used to create a "fantasy life" for herself as a child.

The 47-year-old has become one of the most successful actresses of her generation, taking on a variety of roles such as courtesan Satine in Moulin Rouge! and troubled mother Grace Stewart in The Others. Even when growing up Nicole knew what her dream was and would envision it to escape from reality.

“I loved getting lost in characters and a lot of that was to do with not being comfortable with who I was, so [I created] a fantasy life,” she told The Edit. “I had intense feelings as a child; I used to cry when my mother would go and play bridge. I’d be crying in bed, waiting for her to come home. My depth of emotion was powerful.”

Decades on her work has earned her plenty of awards, including three Golden Globes, an Oscar and a BAFTA all for best actress. Despite being criticised for some of her roles, Nicole has no intention of taming her performances and is keen to carry on breaking boundaries.

“When [reactions are] amazing I’m up front and centre; when they’re bad I’m up front and centre,” she noted. “I like to push it, test how far I can go with things. Not for the sake of just being provocative, but for the sake of not conforming and saying, ‘There’s not necessarily a right and a wrong here, there’s a gray.’ Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but I say to myself, ‘OK, just keep trying stuff.’”

Alongside her movie stardom Nicole is a mother to adopted son and daughter, Connor and Isabella, with her ex-husband Tom Cruise, and she also has little girls Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret with her current spouse Keith Urban. There have been rumours surrounding her marriage to the country star over the last year, but the Australian beauty is adamant family always comes first.

“Ultimately I ask Keith, ‘Is this a possibility to do?’ It may sound old-fashioned, but I want the family to work," she explained about the process of picking jobs. "And I feel pain when I’m away; I literally feel a yearning and a pain. When I was younger, it was different. I’d be like, ‘Yeah I’ll go, I’ll go here, I’ll go there.’ I’m on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer and my husband says to me, ‘You’ve become more Cancer – you’re all about the family now.’”

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