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Nicole Kidman: Oscar win was lonely

Nicole Kidman felt intensely lonely when she had no one to share her Oscar win with.

The actress has never been happier thanks to a loving relationship with her husband Keith Urban, who she has daughters Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret with.

Prior to that she was married to Tom Cruise and they adopted two children together. They divorced in 2001, two years before Nicole scooped her Academy Award for The Hours.

Discussing love with German magazine Meins, the 48-year-old was candid about her personal highs and lows.

"I know what it's like, when love is missing from your life," she admitted to the publication. "When I won my Oscar, I came home and had no one. I've never been so lonely."

Luckily that feeling is truly a thing of the past now. Nicole met 47-year-old Keith in January 2005 and they started dating five months later, tying the knot in 2006.

"If you're lucky, you'll meet the person you can achieve anything with, who makes your life easier and better," she smiled. "A love like that can mean you give that person their space and don't try to push them in a certain direction."

Nicole also doesn't believe in putting a timeframe on love. She's experienced the kind of bond that inspires her to take the next step quickly, admitting it can take as little as an hour.

"Or sometimes it takes a year," she concluded. "Because at the end of the day, time means nothing when you're in love."

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