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Nicole Kidman willing to take risks

Nicole Kidman allows herself to be "out there" in films because she feels "protected" by her loving home life.

The actress plays Charlotte Bless in controversial upcoming movie The Paperboy, which also stars Zac Efron. One particular scene in the film sees Nicole's character urinating on Zac.

Nicole is happily married to Keith Urban, and they have two children together. The star says her settled family life allows her to take more chances on screen

"I feel safe where I am emotionally in my home life, and protected. As long as that's solid for me and strong, I can do kind of these outrageous things and come back," she told USA Today. "It's pretty much out there. The only way to achieve that is to throw caution to the wind. You look in each other's eyes and you just say, 'Let's go.'

"I don't want to rehearse, because I am just going to get self-conscious and pull out."

Nicole insists both her and Keith keep their "artistic" careers separate. However, the Hollywood beauty teasingly admitted that she text him a picture of one of her outfits from the set.

"I think it was the one of me in the bikini," she revealed, before being asked his response. "It's private. But it was definitely thumbs up."

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