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Nikki Grahame ready to rumble

Nikki Grahame has vowed to “confront” everyone she dislikes in the Big Brother house.

The former contestant is set to enter the famous house for a fifth time, confirming she “cannot wait” to stir things up. When asked how she feels about being in the Secret Lair with Sam, Simon or Marc, Nikki insists she has no nerves – but thinks they should be wary of her.

"I'm hoping for Sam,” she told Digital Spy when asked who she would prefer to share the Secret Lair with. “No, actually, I think Marc would be better because I think he's such a good housemate. I love how he's winding the other housemates up and I just love his antics. He's not afraid to do or say anything.

“I can handle him. I can put him in his place. I think he might be a bit scared of me!...

“I'm in there for a week – I'm going to confront everybody. I'm not in there to make them like me – I'm there to tell them what I think of them.”

Nikki had some choice words for other housemates, singling out Jack and Harry in particular. The outspoken star is looking forward to telling them exactly what she thinks when she enters the main house on Sunday.

"I can't wait to tell Jack that he is not as popular as he thinks, and I can't wait for him to face the public vote,” Nikki fumed. "Oh [Harry], she's disgusting. I really can't stand that girl. And Nick has just made such a fool of himself by getting into bed with her… "SHOWBIZ! I can't stand him. He just craves airtime, and those fake tears. He's just a nasty piece of work. Hopefully I won't be in the secret house with him. Because in that close proximity I might lose my rag."

Nikki confirmed she is “single and ready to mingle” at the moment, adding she thinks Cristian is “very cute”.

Meanwhile, the housemate’s track record with tasks continues to disappoint. Following yet another failure, the contestants are starting to turn on each other and moaning about the lack of food.

Danny Wisker picked the wrong box in the latest task, and afterwards branded Cristian “greedy” for having such a big appetite.

Cristian later poured out his emotions in the diary room.

"People seem to think that I’m greedy. It’s biology. Since I’ve been in here, I’ve lost a lot of weight,” he insisted.

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