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Nikki Reed loves gag gifts

Nikki Reed loves watching her grandmother-in-law opening her "gag" Christmas gifts.

The Twilight star married singer Paul McDonald in 2011 and they enjoy the festive season with his family.

Rather than handing out conventional gifts, they go for a more fun approach.

"We go to Alabama every year. We start recording the rest of our album December 15, to be released at the end of January. And, we’re doing that in Nashville and then we go to Alabama to be with Paul's family," she explained to Refinery 29.

"And my favourite thing ever is watching Paul’s grandma open her gag gift. She gets a gag gift from the grandkids every year. And last year, it was sequin underpants. That should be good this year. Yeah, I guess grandma's house is my favourite. She's so fun, she loves it. She's like the most vibrant, unbelievably vibrant, and happy grandmother. Paul is a miniature version of his grandmother."

Nikki, 25, is a big name in Hollywood and is now making her way in the music industry alongside 29-year-old Paul.

While it might seem she has everything she could ask for, there is one unusual item on her Christmas wish list.

"I’ve carried the same carryon suitcase for 11 years, and it's time for a new one," she laughed.

"The handle is broken and the wheels don’t work, and we just got back from the Dominican Republic yesterday, and I swear to you every person we walked by at the airport wanted to kill me because of this. I mean it’s like screaming, squeaky wheels, and there’s no handle. I need a man to put the suitcase in the overhead compartment because I can't lift it because there’s no handle that works. It's time - 11 years, it's time."

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