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Nikki Sanderson relieved she survived Hollyoaks murders

Hollyoaks' Nikki Sanderson is relieved she didn't fall victim to the latest murderer on the soap but is sad to say goodbye to her colleagues who weren't so lucky.

Hollyoaks star Nikki Sanderson was worried she'd be one of the soap's Gloved Hand Killer "victims".

The popular Channel 4 soap has had viewers on the edge of their seats as countless village residents met a grisly end thanks to a murderer on the loose. On Wednesday (21Oct15) the killer's identity was finally revealed and while fans process the nail-biting episode, actress Nikki, who plays Maxine Minniver, is just glad she didn't get the chop.

"I think everybody was always a little bit worried they'd be a victim of the Glove Hand Killer, fortunately Maxine wasn't, but I might be in the future if they get away with it," she admitted to Britain's The Mirror newspaper.

The murderous spree has been one of Hollyoaks' most savage, with characters Rick Spencer, Will Savage, Mariam Andrews, Phoebe McQueen, Dylan Jenkins, Ashley Davidson and Dr S'avage all losing their lives. And things aren't looking good for resident hunk Freddie Roscoe either, as the killer also targeted him in the latest episode. While viewers mourn the end of their favourite characters, the show's stars have to deal with saying goodbye to their real-life colleagues.

"You miss people so much because you work so many long hours with them and it's such an intense situation. It's a really close-knit place," Nikki sighed.

Some are hoping it's not actually over for Freddie actor Charlie Clapham, with viewers speculating whether he'll make a miraculous return. Diehard fans are even threatening to stop watching the show if he's no longer part of the cast.

"Feel like never watching #hollyoaks again.. why do you always kill off the good looking ones or write the (sic) out?! #hollyoaks," one tweeted, while another added: "Why Hollyoaks why. Why you gotta kill off Freddie, not watching it any more (sic)."

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