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Nikki shocked by Pete’s BB return

Nikki Grahame struggled to contain her emotions when her ex-boyfriend Pete Bennett returned to the Big Brother house on Wednesday.

The reality stars first met on the 2006 series of the reality show and their friendship blossomed into a short-lived romance. Drama queen Nikki rejoined the show last week as part of the Timewarp Group, while former winner Pete made his surprise comeback yesterday.

“I still speak to Nikki and she thought I was in Vietnam. She was so, so shocked when I walked in,” he told British newspaper The Sun. “I didn’t feel like I was back in Big Brother as I was ushered through the fire escape but it was great to be back.”

Nikki had to disguise her excitement as Pete made his entrance because the housemates were in the middle of a task in which they had to ignore any distractions.

Pete made his grand return in typical style, sporting a sequinned jacket and a purple Mohawk.

Nikki is renowned for being emotional, so it was tough for her to keep her true feelings under control when she spotted the Tourette's Syndrome sufferer. Pete made light of the frosty reception, comparing his ex to legendary housemate Nasty Nick.

“Basically, what I was gonna say is, ‘How are you doing? I'm back!’ Nice to see you, man! Yeah! What, you're not gonna say hello? Oh I see, it's Nick, innit?,” Pete teased. “Oh, you've found another man, have you? Oh that's nice, innit, eh?”

Pete isn’t expected to remain in the house for long, while Nikki has landed a three-week stint alongside fellow former contestants Brian Belo and Helen Wood.

Despite winning Big Brother in 2006, Pete has struggled to make ends meet since.

Although he has beaten an addiction to tranquiliser ketamine, he still remains homeless.

“Drugs were a distraction and now I’m through the grieving it’s a distraction I don’t need any more.

“I’m still moving about, sofa-surfing, but I’m saving up for somewhere to live. I’m doing comedy gigs and stand-up,” he revealed to The Sun.

Pete also offered some words of warning to the current crop of Big Brother housemates.

“I would wish them luck in finding a job,” he said. “They will struggle to get work, they only have the option really to work in showbiz following Big Brother.”

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