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Nile Rodgers' busker beginnings

Nile Rodgers went busking in London this morning, with no one recognising him at first.

The iconic singer rose to fame with his disco group Chic, and over the decades he has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music.

However a highflying career working with the likes of Madonna and Pharrell Williams is the furthest thing from the 62-year-old's humble busking beginnings. Today he took to the streets of London, UK, to try his hand at street singing once again.

"That's how I started. I was homeless," Nile told his Twitter followers.

Bundled up in a beige jacket, colourful scarf and hiding his famous dreadlocked hair under a red hat, nobody knew it was Nile when he first started playing.

However when he started singing some of his classic tunes, he soon started to get noticed.

"Today I went busking on the #London Southbank. Didn't draw much of a crowd until I stared playing dance music. Hmm?

"Though I had no voice from screaming during last night's show, I started to draw a crowd when I sang "Aw Freak Out!"

"I admit I was playing bossa nova music at first, so I being a bit deceptive.

"Nope. It sort of became obvious when every song was one of my productions. I even tried to sing "Like A Virgin" :) (sic)," he told his followers.

Nile blew crowds away at yesterday's British Summer Time gig in London, where he shared the bill with Grace Jones and Kylie Minogue.

He's now en route to France, but managed to make a bit of money this morning for his journey.

"I know. But it got better by the end of my set! Then the coins were flowing (sic)," he joked with one fan on Twitter.

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