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Nile Rodgers: I thought I'd go first

Nile Rodgers vowed to be there for late Chic bassist Bernard Edwards after he died.

The legendary singer, who's rocked his famous dreadlocks for more than 20 years, first found fame in the mid 70s with band Chic and their brand of catchy disco tracks.

He's since worked with everyone from Madonna to Daft Punk, and still performs with Chic. However things have changed for the band.

"Well, I would never have dreamed of the amount of people passing away. I thought I'd be the first to go, because I was the most reckless. And it's funny to think we can't do some of the crazy things that we used to do," Nile smiled to British newspaper Metro.

"But it's still about listening to ourselves rather than worrying what other people say - that's the philosophy of Chic."

Songs like Everybody Dance and Le Freak are still crowd pleasers, with the band regularly making appearances at big scale music events such as Glastonbury and London's iTunes Festival.

However it can sometimes be hard for 62-year-old Nile following the death of Chic's bassist and co-founder Bernard Edwards.

It was Nile who found his bandmate's body while they were on tour in Tokyo in 1996, after Bernard passed away from pneumonia.

"Afterwards, I broke down crying, and said, 'Now I'll be there for you in death as you were there for me in life.' It was being in this band that saved me. What would I have even done if we didn't have Chic?" Nile mused.

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