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Noel Gallagher: Morrissey's the best

Noel Gallagher likes that he can play jazz music and the saxophone on his latest album.

The English rocker counts loads of celebrities as friends and is close with fellow Brit Russell Brand.

His friendship with the comic led Noel to have a drunken night out with the former The Smiths frontman. Morrissey normally gets a bad rap, with his moody music and strong vegetarian beliefs leading many to believe he's not much fun. However, Noel insists that's not the case.

"So I say to Russell, 'I'm up for [a drink with Morrissey] but I don't want to keep Sara [MacDonald, wife] up. I wanna be in by two. Russell says, 'Two? I can't handle Morrissey for more than 30 minutes. He's f**king mental!' So we meet up and I shake [Morrissey's] hand and asked him how he was, because he'd just cancelled a bunch of gigs for whatever reason. And he says, 'Yet here I am.' He was fucking hilarious," Noel recalled to US Esquire.

Morrissey even tried to get sober Russell to have a drink and demanded the barman played his new music.

Noel is also good friends with Morrissey's former bandmate Johnny Marr, with the pair collaborating on Noel's new album Chasing Yesterday.

Since quitting Britpop band Oasis after a fight with his brother Liam, Noel has enjoyed solo success with his new outfit High Flying Birds.

"I'm no longer limited by being part of a group. I'm open to more styles. There are tracks that have a dance vibe on this record, and even space jazz. And there's saxophone. Imagine if I had shown up with a saxophone to an Oasis session?" he laughed.

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