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Noomi: Get me Christian Bale!

Noomi Rapace dreams of working with Christian Bale and Joaquin Phoenix, and always pushes herself when she takes on a new role.

The Swedish actress has made a name for herself in cinema thanks to roles in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and Prometheus.

Although she's starred alongside some of the most handsome faces in Hollywood, including Michael Fassbender, Jude Law and Colin Farrell, Noomi is hoping to one day collaborate with dashing Christian.

"Oh yeah. If Christian Bale is doing a film, I'm like, 'Okay, I don't need to read the script, I'm gonna do it!' Because I think he is so good," she laughed to the American edition of Esquire magazine when they asked what actors she'd like to work with.

"Joaquin Phoenix, if he's in, I'm in," she added.

Noomi's latest film The Drop sees her paired up with another British star, Tom Hardy. The Michaël R. Roskam directed flick also features the late James Gandolfini, and working with such a great cast meant Noomi pushed herself to perform as hard as she could.

Striving to be the top of her game is nothing new for the 34-year-old though, as Noomi will put the effort in even if she's working solo.

"Well I always push myself, even when I did a film where it was pretty much me the whole film. That was called Daisy Diamond [2007], where I was in for like ten weeks, and the other actors were in for one or two days, and it was just me," she explained.

"The whole film is just close-ups - me, me, me, me. I remember I was like, 'Please, can we just write more scenes?' I want actors. I want to be with other people. I don't wanna be alone, because of the connection when you're in a room, in a scene with someone, and it comes to life. You feel like the moment is something magic."

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