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Noomi Rapace: Hollywood is wild

Noomi Rapace doesn't want to "dive into the madness" of Hollywood.

The actress has discussed her intentions in the earlier days of her career. Noomi allegedly stated in 2009 that if ever she landed a role in a Hollywood movie, it would have to be an indie one.

She is currently starring in blockbuster Prometheus, but still maintains she wants to shun the typical glitz and glamour surrounding such a blockbuster.

"I am not sure I said that," she laughed to Grazia France. "I am not interested in Hollywood. I don't want to dive into that madness, I don't dream of becoming a star. What matters to me, is to make movies. I don't care about having a big trailer with an army of assistants or sleeping in a really tiny hotel room."

Noomi plays Elizabeth Shaw in the upcoming science fiction movie, which is directed by Ridley Scott and also stars Charlize Theron.

The star has explained what beckoned her to the role.

"I am attracted to characters who are struggling inside. I find it very boring to play a sexy, beautiful, sweet and charming woman. It's not me," she said. "When I read a script, I need to tell myself that I am not sure I'm going to succeed. So it becomes an obsession: I want to do it no matter what, just to test myself."

Noomi was a fan of the famed Alien franchise when she was younger. The 32-year-old star appreciates filmmaker Scott's vision when it comes to creating powerful on-screen women.

"Totally!" she exclaimed, when asked if she was a fan of the science fiction movies. "I remember when I saw the first one, I was probably 13 or 14, I was really astonished, because it was the first time that this kind of hero was a woman. This is what is so amazing with Ridley: he creates really strong female characters."

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