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Norman Reedus: I guess I’m damaged

Norman Reedus has disclosed details on the fate of his character Daryl Dixon in the upcoming sixth season of TV show The Walking Dead.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus has acknowledged he could definitely have a “damaged quality” to his personality.

The 46-year-old actor has been dubbed a rebel by many.

But Norman doesn’t consider himself emotionally conflicted.

“I guess there is that damaged quality,” he told the November (15) issue of Details magazine. “That’s something I might have unconsciously run with early on. Maybe I still do. It gives some people an underdog quality—you want to root for them as they fight their way through something. Maybe I have a little bit of that. But I don’t cry myself to sleep.”

Season 6 of his hit zombie TV show The Walking Dead is scheduled to premiere in America on 11 October (15).

And Norman has spoken about whether fans can expect to see his character Daryl involved in a romantic affair on future episodes.

“Even this season, I’m the last in line for love,” he shared. “I like not going through that door one way or another. I like that mystery. They’ll kill me whenever they want. I would hate to leave the show. I would play this role until I’m 80, I really would. And I could.”

Overall Norman is impressed with how The Walking Dead has transformed over the years.

He believes the show remains so appealing because it grows with the characters.

“The dynamic has changed,” Daryl noted. “In Season 1, it was ‘Here’s some clay, mold it into something.’ Season 2, it’s ‘Okay, here’s the mold—we’re all sharing ideas on how big the hands should be.’ And then Season 3: ‘He may or may not have long or short hair,’ and a bunch of people are making that decision.”

Norman previously spoke about the primal nature of The Walking Dead.

He thinks viewers are intrigued by the tension of survival.

“You take a bunch of wild animals and you put 'em in a cage -- no matter what it looks like -- it's very uncomfortable,” he told ET Online.

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