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Saturday 1 November 2014

Oates lands top Emmerdale job

A former producer of Radio 4 rural soap The Archers has landed the top job on TV's Emmerdale

A former producer of Radio 4 rural soap The Archers has landed the top job on TV's Emmerdale.

Kate Oates, who spent seven years on the Ambridge radio drama, will take over as producer on the ITV1 series from January.

She has most recently been working as assistant producer on Coronation Street but had a two-year stint as Emmerdale's story editor, leaving earlier this year.

She said: "I always thought I'd love to go back to Emmerdale, but I never expected it to happen so quickly. I'm passionate about the programme and everyone who works on the show."

Emmerdale is to celebrate its 40th anniversary on Wednesday with a live episode.

During her time on the show Kate previously worked on powerful storylines such as Jackson's assisted suicide and Lisa Dingle's rape at the hands of a co-worker.

She worked as producer of The Archers for seven years until 2010 and before that she spent time as researcher and editorial assistant to writer Germaine Greer.

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