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Octavia: I’m the most neurotic person

Octavia Spencer admits to getting nervous when she has to act.

The Help actress has won an Oscar for her acting efforts and recently wrote a children’s book, titled The Case of the Time-Capsule Bandit.

However the 43-year-old still gets anxious when she has to perform.

“I guest starred on Mom with Alison Janney, and I have severe stage fright, so I had to apologise to the cast,” she admitted to People magazine. “I’m the most neurotic person, but I own it now.”

The star gets rid of her nerves by letting loose when no one is watching. She even grooves with her pets as a form of release.

“I was home alone with the dog, and it was after taking my shower with the music cranked up,” she said about the last time she danced. “I just danced around naked as a jaybird. Definitely TMI [too much information], but it was great.”

Her morning routine also included belting out tunes to bands she likes. Although she doesn’t sound amazing, she enjoys flexing her vocals.

“Florence + the Machine’s Over the Love,” she said was her choice tune at the moment. “The water obscures all the notes you don’t hit. If you don’t sound awesome, there is something wrong with your shower.”

Her embarrassing stories don’t stop there however. She has a cringe-worthy moment on set in Louisiana as she recalls.

“I was working in New Orleans, and it was so hot and muggy that they gave us umbrellas,” Octavia remembered. “I opened it, and when I got to the lunch tent, there was this big hairy spider one the inside of it. It’s a very rational fear.”

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