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Saturday 19 April 2014

Octavia Spencer anxious over cooking

Octavia Spencer

Octavia Spencer has confessed the thought of cooking "stresses" her out.

The actress has received a host of awards and nominations for her performance as Minny, a talented cook and maid in the movie The Help. Although Octavia has impressed with her culinary skills on camera, she admits she rarely uses her kitchen in real life.

"I just don't cook," she revealed to the MailOnline. "It's not something I find interesting, and it stresses me out to even think about it.

"When an actor tells you he's killed someone in a scene, it's just acting - I hope."

Whenever Octavia does need to fix something to eat, she relies on pre-prepared meals or asks her famous friends for help. Octavia says her The Help co-star Allison Janney and Bridesmaids actress Melissa McCarthy can always be relied upon to whip up a tasty dish as they live close to her in Los Angeles.

Octavia is thoroughly enjoying awards season.

She has loved meeting some of the hottest men in Hollywood, but is still waiting for an introduction to one of her favourite actors.

"I'm thrilled it has elevated me to a point where I meet the George Clooneys, the Brad Pitts, the Clint Eastwoods - and Steven Spielberg! - but I also want to meet the Denzels," she explained.

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