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Octavia Spencer: Fans surprise me

Octavia Spencer is often shocked by how fans approach her.

The star took home the Oscar for best supporting actress at this year's Academy Awards for her role in The Help.

Apparently, people like to quote the popular movie when they spot Octavia on the street.

"When people walk up to me, one of the first things they say is, 'Eat my [poop],' " Octavia told People magazine.

"I'm like, 'That is the rudest.' Then I remember they're quoting the line from [The Help]."

The movie was a huge box office hit during the summer of 2011.

Octavia credits the record-breaking film with boosting her career.

"It's been transformative!" she shared. "The Help has definitely opened doors."

One thing that hasn't changed since Octavia's Hollywood ascent is her consumption of alcohol.

The actress rarely indulges in drinks.

"My mother was strict and we didn't have alcohol in the house," Octavia said. "I have a very, very low tolerance. If I drink two ounces of alcohol I would be smashed. So I abstain."

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