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Octavia Spencer: I'm a mean sleep walker

Octavia Spencer once arrived to the set of a film asleep, only waking up when the director called 'action'.

The 44-year-old actress previously admitted she often takes a wander while sleeping and most of the time wakes up to find herself naked.

Speaking to talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, Octavia went into more detail about the antics and revealed has even given her night-time alter ego a name.

"[I'm] always in search of, you know, peanut butter or whatever to munch on. I stopped eating so much during the day because I'm gonna have something great in the middle of my sleep. I've no idea what it's gonna be. I don't have a clue [what fuels me]!" she mused to Jimmy.

"I honestly don't know... When I'm really stressed out is when Oriet - that's her name... Oriet is all business, you do not want to engage. If Oriet is in the cabinet don't 'Hi, (acts out tapping on the shoulder), don't do it. I've been told that Oriet is not very nice."

She warns guests who stay over that they might see her stumble into the hallway in the evenings on the hunt for food, and perhaps undressed as "Oriet gets hot in the night". Octavia has even had to stop buying peanut butter after eating it so much without realising until the morning.

It isn't just at home where her sleepwalking takes place though - she's also had an embarrassing incident on the set of a film.

"When we were shooting Insurgent... I love my cast because there was power outages in this community that we stayed in all the time and one day we had a very early call so I always get up two hours prior to when they'll pick me up so I can wake up and the power outage left me in a situation," she recalled.

Luckily she fell asleep but upon realising everything was still out in the morning, she popped a mixture of sleeping pills and vitamins into her mouth anyway to calm her down.

"Let's just say I can't remember how I got to work and I actually woke up when the director said 'ACTION!' I'm having flashbacks of how uncomfortable it was," she added.

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