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Odom’s NBA hopes ‘ruined’

Lamar Odom may have lost his chance to play for the Clippers.

The athlete was allegedly in talks to sign on with the Los Angeles Clippers. But a new video showing Lamar rapping about taking drugs and being unfaithful to wife Khloé Kardashian has surfaced, and it may have destroyed his career prospects.

“This video goes against everything he told [coach] Doc Rivers and the Clippers of how he was improving,” a source told Hollywood Life. “He may have ruined his chance to sign with the team.”

Lamar’s negotiations to sign on with the Clippers were reportedly under the understanding that he would clean up his act. This new footage apparently undermines everything the 34-year-old has been working towards.

“Their coach Doc Rivers is no nonsense,” the source previously said. “He is going to make 100% sure that Lamar doesn’t do anything stupid. And if he does, he will be immediately off the team.”

Before this new video appeared, Lamar’s chances of playing basketball again were said to be extremely strong. But he may be back to square one again following the fallout from the new footage.

“Things were at one time 90% solid of Lamar signing, as of yesterday,” the source added. “Now that has drastically dipped and changed. The chances of Lamar signing with the Clippers has now turned into 20% at best after this video. It has always been about Lamar not ruining his chance and this may have done it.”

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