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O'Dowd: I was a late bloomer

Chris O'Dowd's odd looks forced him into comedy and he describes himself as a "late bloomer".

The Irish star has been reflecting on his boyhood looks ahead of tonight's season two premiere of his semi-autobiographical TV show Moone Boy in the UK.

Despite carving himself out a career in Hollywood, with roles in Bridesmaids, Cuban Fury and hit TV show Girls, Chris' life on the big screen is a far cry from his childhood in Ireland.

"I was a real late bloomer. I was an odd-looking kid. I was 6ft. when I was 11 and because I’d grown so quickly, so young, I had really bad posture and bad skin," he explained to British newspaper The Sun.

“Essentially I’d ring a bell to warn women I was coming. Luckily when you are that ugly you have to be funny."

Since making it big, Chris' luck with the ladies has changed.

He's happily married to British TV presenter-and-writer Dawn Porter, who delights in the fact that other people find her man handsome.

“Dawn is delighted that other women in any way find me attractive - she is just happy that people agree with her choice of partner.

“I don’t think she feels threatened by it in any way. I’d like her to feel threatened by it, slightly jealous, but she is like, ‘They don’t really find you attractive, it is just in the script,'" the 34-year-old laughed.

Now based in Los Angeles, Chris relishes the chance to fly home and visit his family and friends in the small town of Boyle, Ireland.

It doesn't look like the trips home will be stopping any time soon as Moone Boy shows no sign of slowing down.

Chris plays Sean Murphy, the imaginary friend of Martin Moone (played by David Rawle) who's always quick to give his life advice to the adolescent trying to navigate life in the early '90s.

“It feels great to have a reason to go home. It is my favourite job. I think of my job now as making Moone Boy and everything else has to fit around that," he said.

“We have done a third series as well and we are writing Moone Boy books now too. We get on great [David and I]. I am like his uncle - his weird, drunk uncle."

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