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Oldman: Success is just luck

Gary Oldman feels sad when he makes a good film and no one sees it.

The actor has starred in films such as The Dark Knight Rises and Hannibal and was nominated for an Oscar for his role in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

He says skill alone isn't enough for a big break in Hollywood.

"Sometimes, also, you make things that you are personally proud of, and it doesn't catch," he explained to ET Online. "The fire doesn't catch. And you think, 'What a shame. No one saw that.' There is a great deal of harmony involved with it. I mean a cosmic thing, sometimes. You've got great work, great actors, great material, and you gotta have luck. It's about luck as well."

Gary presented his fellow actor and friend Matthew McConaughey with the Desert Palm Achievement Award at the 25th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival on Saturday.

Continuing his great run Matthew has also been given glowing reviews for recent films, including his recent lead role in Dallas Buyers Club.

Despite his achievements, Matthew agrees that it's a tough industry.

"It doesn't matter if you're the biggest bankable star in Hollywood, there's a script that studios will go, 'No way am I doing that with you.' I'm not saying Dallas Buyers Club was one of those, but it was one of the ones that hung around no one could get made, though they tried to for years," he explained, going on to discuss the Oscars buzz around the film.

"When you go to make a film, you're not thinking about the result. You're thinking about the process. The experience. and with this film, without an award like this. I already was gratified with the experience. Now this is like bonus time."

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